Snoop Dogg
Please Welcome our New Chief Ganjaroo….
Our latest brand ambassador is turning up the heat at Roobet! Let’s give the loudest of ROOOssss to the D-O-double-G himself - Snoooooop Doggggg on becoming the coolest kangaroo around!
Get to Know Snoop!
Discover Snoop’s top picks at Roobet, from his favorite slots to his go-to live games. You can also get your paws on some exclusive Dogg-related merch that will make the haters green with envy!
Roo and Snoop are Droppin’ it Like it’s Hot at our Launch Party - RSVP here!
Find out how to snap up some sweet prize money thanks to Snoop Dogg’s $100,000 Launch Party. You’ll also get the chance to earn tickets to our REAL Snoop Dogg VIP Launch Party at a top-secret location…
snoop's hotbox
Meet the Top Dogg Himself IRL!
To celebrate this legendary superstar joining the Roobet family, we’re giving all Roobetters the chance to meet Snoop IN PERSON at our Snoop and Roo VIP Launch Party!